Tour de France by “Interconnectés”

Participative workshop organised by 9 designers 

Shadok at Strasbourg


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We have met during an afternoon organised by “Les Interconnectés” to question the place of digital within French cities. This workshop aimed at find the needs of users and inhabitants of cities. We were 9 designers from Lycée Le Corbusier. We created different tools to propose this workshop. We divided the afternoon in two phases of work. First step was adressed to users. And the second one was a meeting between users and territorial collectivities. The 26 users were separeted in different groups with 2 or 3 designers.

We provided them with begining of sentences about 9 themes of publics services : transports, green spaces, health, culture, adminisatrion, security, education, maintenance and sport & leisure. Each group of users had all the themes. They were free to answer and set out their needs dealing with real situations. After these sentences, we proposed a second sheet to detail the situation written. They could tell about problem solved, protagonists needed, tools needed, moment and location. Then, the entire group discussed about all the propositions and we developped the ideas. This first time lasted about 1h30.

Designers apportioned the whole set of sheets according to the themes. We put them all on the wall for a clear view. We proposed a second step of workshop based on previous productions. There were different discussions and debates between users and actors of territorial collectivities. The designers were here to take graphic notes. This workshop allowed us to generate 14 ideas (some of them were thought by many people on the group).