Chou Chine” is a Workshop organised with a school in Suzhou China.

Theme : “Cabbageroom”
Duration : 1 week
Teamwork : Marie Lamy, Jeanne Dufief
Tumblr with all projects : tumblr

Concept : This is a wood structure which can can move to go in different cities.This temporary room takes the shape of brussels spourt. It allows 2 differents spaces : one with a bar and a kitchen for the welcoming and the other for tasting. The partitions are openworked like a cabbage leaf (paper cut)

This tempoprary room as the originality that you taste only raw cabbage. We work on a special presentation like culinary design.

Inside the restaurant you have an undestated space, with anecdotes and histories about the vegetable.
We want that people learn to sea around themself and to laugh during their meal.